LYT Chocolate Bar Realities
(12) Pieces Per Bar
Milk Chocolate (GF, Vegetarian, non gmo, natural)
Measurements 3.5mg Psilocybin whole bar


 Scrumptious LYT shroom milk chocolate bars really cause you to feel like your in Mario’s reality, the high is spotless AF and the strategy for assimilation is delicious! There could be as of now not a need to endure while eating shrooms, simply attempt our palatable shrooms for the most charming experience.

Psilocybin gives you different advantages including the brain adjusting influence. Consuming it can provide you with a sensation of Elation, causing you to feel high and out of the normal considerations. This effect quiets your psyche from unnecessary pressure and eases your brain and body. It can place you in a profound rest. Likewise, less than overwhelming agonies can likewise be treated with the assistance of this chocolate bar.

Each of these shroom bars contains twelve bits of chocolate with a typical load of 290 mg for each piece (3.5g all out bar). The exact estimation of the weight permits you to consume the specific right measurement of Psilocybin as chocolate, without the coarse taste.

This LYT bar has 4g of shrooms, take every last bit of it to go on the outing that could only be described as epic or parted it with a companion to share the experience!

LYT chocolate is uniquely created by gourmet experts and mycologists, so each piece is tasty and gives you the ideal high like clockwork. It makes eating shrooms simple and pleasant!

At more modest portions (microdose = 0.15g – 0.5g) you can hope to feel raised in mind-set and have expanded clearness. You won’t “trip” at this portion. Many examinations say microdosing can assist with PTSD, wretchedness, and enslavement.

At higher dosages (1.0g+), you can hope to feel very associated with things around you and get serious areas of strength for an of energy coming from a “alternate aspect.”

Stand by 30-60 min to feel the full impact. Try not to drive while getting LYT.



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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.